Runanga Newsletter - Social Strategy

Runanga Newsletter – Social Strategy

July 1, 2013

(June 2013, Issue 4)

Kaumatua Christmas Function

Our 2012 Kaumātua Christmas Function was held at the Distinction Hotel Rotorua.

A fabulous venue except the air-conditioning was not working. Acknowledgement and thanks to Tauhara North No.2 Trust for their financial contribution towards this event.

Hauora Initiatives

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 6.46.59 PMThe Runanga has supported the Irlens Vision Screening Programme for another year, a worthwhile project for our tamariki who attend one of the school’s within the Reporoa Valley School’s Cluster.

One of the tamariki to benefit from this programme wrote:

“….the letters have stopped jumping and moving. My eyes used to get sore.”

Whare Hauora The Whare Hauora is “Committed to providing opportunities that improve the health and wellbeing of our iwi and Māori community”

Fortnightly transport to Rotorua continues for whanau.

Maintained representation on the relevant health boards, including our koroua and kuia support service contract with Poutiri Trust. The Whare Hauora is open every Thursday 10am- 1.30pm, therefore whanau – drop in and see us.

Coordinated Activities

  • Budgeting: an opportunity for whanau to get advice on how to improve their current and future financial position
  • Zumba: held weekly, an exciting, exhilarating, adrenaline pumping fitness activity
  • Cooking sessions: creating simple recipes for cooking nutritious and filling meals
  • Poi-making workshop – provided an opportunity to learn how to make ‘poi’ Auntie Ella’s way.

We have hosted four Pouwhenua Clinics since the last newsletter. Diabetes affects a lot of whanau, therefore whanau can benefit from attending either or all the clinics; podiatrist, nutritionist, diabetes nurse specialist.

It supports and does not replace the individual’s visits to their GP.

Fortunately the podiatrist clinic is the most attended clinic – it seems our feet are the last thing we think to care about, that is until we can’t walk……

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 6.38.39 PMUpcoming Activities

  • Mirimiri/Rongoā service by Te Whare o Kenehi is starting fortnightly from Thursday 4 July 2013.
  • The 2013 Kaumātua Christmas Function is scheduled for Saturday 30 November 2013, so please mark this on your calendar. Invitations will be sent out to our kaumātua with further information.
  • We are also working with Taupo REAP centre to bring beginners computer classes to the Whare Hauora. Open Wananga (Te Wananga o Aotearoa) have been to the Whare Hauora

Open Wananga (Te Wananga o Aotearoa) have been to the Whare Hauora to show our whanau the home-based education programmes that are available. A great opportunity during winter if you are an indoors person, nothing like sitting beside the fire doing some study to improve your knowledge.

Te Arawa Tangata

Te Arawa Tangata has been actively holding hui for marae, listening to the needs of marae, and trying to find opportunities where the collective marae group can benefit.

Marae Master Chef

One recognisable activity has included the 2nd Annual Te Arawa Marae Masterchef held in May 2013, which brought marae together in a competitive and social way. Other health information shared has related to Rheumatic Fever, Flu Influenza, Diabetes, Movember, Free Dental Services for clients of Rotorua GPs, Stroke, etc.