Iwi Environmental Management Plan

The Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa Iwi Environmental Plan was developed in conjunction with iwi members over 2 years. The process involved many hui with marae, iwi, kaumatua and others. The plan was released in November 2013.

The Iwi Environmental Plan takes the name “Rising above the mist – Te Aranga Ake i te Taimahatanga”.

Soft mists have always been a feature of our rohe, arising from the Waikato River and the rich wetlands that naturally occurred throughout our tribal lands. Our mountain ranges break through these mists and afford us a clear vantage point from which to see where we have been and where we might go to next. “Rising above the mist” infers that by working together, we may surmount any confusion or trouble that we may find ourselves in a the present time, obtain an expansive view of our terrain and chart our way forward to a bright and hopeful future.

Download a copy of the plan here.

View a copy of the plan here